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December is the month for giving and a month for reflecting on the past year! While a lot of us get caught up in the hustle of the holiday season it is important for us to take a moment and really pay attention to the feelings that arise around this crazy season. For me these feelings tend to be of anxiety for running out of time. Running out of time in the year as it flies by so fast and running out of time in my day to day activities. That is why it is so crucial for us all to take a minute and reflect on the past year and set our intentions for the next year that is quickly approaching us! My reflection of the past year has been of a great journey… growing and learning in life and especially in this business. I realized how very much I care about not only the business but all of you, our clients, our friends! I have learned a lot this year about running a business, balancing a home life, having a dear co-worker move on to another facility, gaining another ROCKSTAR co-worker, and transitioning into the Aesthetic Nurse that I have worked so very hard to be! While it hasn’t always been easy it has been one heck of a journey! I am blessed to have met all of you along my path and I hope that we can all continue to learn and grow together.

For these reasons I am setting my intentions for the next year around trying to be present in the moment more often and making sure that everyone around me realizes just how special they are to me. I also am going to work on increasing my opportunities for more education and learning of this beautiful industry and to give back the things that I have learned along the way to whoever is interested in hearing about it. While it might not be easy to follow these intentions always I invite you all to join me in giving it a try and to live with more intention and awareness in the year to come.

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your 2018 year and from all of us here at Urban Radiance we want to wish you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR! We cant wait to see what the next year has in store for us all!

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