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Do you want to feel Red Carpet ready, all the time?

Not that I am actually going to make it on the red carpet any time soon, but the way my skin feels after a Dermaplaning treatment leaves me feeling nothing short of magnificent!

The treatment itself is very relaxing.  Lay back, close your eyes and listen to the soft spa music while breathing in the scent of calming essential oils.

The first step is to prep you skin with a solution of witch-hazel and tea tree oils. (Proper preparation allows the dead skin cells to lift making them easier to remove.)  Then using a sterile surgical blade your aesthetician will slowly and gently scrape off the layers of dead skin. Sounds great right, but the real benefit here is that all the peach fuzz — aka vellus facial hair — we have covering our faces is also removed, leaving your face completely hair free and your skin feeling light and flawless.

At Urban Radiance your Dermaplaning treatment is accompanied by a light spa facial.  Starting with the application of moisture rich rejuvenating treatments that includes: Vitamin C, Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids, as well as gentle effective enzymes designed to speed up cellular turnover, lightening, tightening and brightening your skin. This is followed by a gel face mask the cools and sooths your skin. During this post treatment facial, you can actual feel you skin soaking in the added moisture.

Dermaplaning helps to even out your skins tone and texture. It removes pore-clogging dead skin and helps increase cell turnover. The result – skin that glows – literally glows!

It is no wonder Dermaplaning is becoming a popular skin care regimen!


  • Make-up will go on smoother with the removal of our vellus hair.
  • A great treatment for those suffering with acne scars.
  • Improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Non-invasive facial procedure.

Myth busting:

Dermaplaning will not cause you facial hair to grow back any thicker or darker.

What does Dermaplaning feel like?

Someone stated, ‘Dermaplaning feels like cat is licking your face’, I can’t disagree with this analysis!

How often can Dermaplaning be performed?

For most of us, our skin turns over every 4 weeks. But we all have different amounts of peach fuzz on our face, so the timelines fluctuate, however 4-6 weeks is ideal.

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